We Expect and Welcome Visitors!

Our Sunday School and Toddler Class begins at 9:30 am and our Worship Service begins at 10:30 am. (During the summer, we worship at 10:00 am.) We celebrate Holy Communion. The entire service (liturgy and hymns) is printed in a bulletin to make it easy to follow along.

All baptized Christians who believe that Jesus is truly present in the holy meal are welcome to the Lord’s table. Children and those not yet communing are welcome to receive a blessing. Grape juice is available for those who desire a non-alcoholic option.

We Encourage Everyone to Bring Children to Worship!

Children’s worship bags hang in the rear of the Sanctuary for your use during worship. These bags contain items which may help children (and parents) enjoy the worship experience. A children’s corner equipped with a rocking chair, changing table and emergency supplies is located downstairs on the right side of the Family Room. Feel free to leave and return as needed during the service. Worship can be heard in the Family Room through the public address system.

Rest room facilities are located downstairs through the back of the Family Room.

For more information, please call the Church Office at 201.262.0138 or email us at christinparamus@hotmail.com.





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