Healing Power

In the first reading for Sunday, the people of Israel are in the wilderness and they are complaining about the food. God sends serpents who bite some of them and they die. The others repent, and ask Moses to call on God to stop the serpents. God does not remove the deadly creatures, but has Moses put a bronze serpent on a pole and anyone who is bitten can look upon the image and will live.

That is certainly not how we would have done it. If we were God, we would have gotten rid of the serpents! But God, in God’s wisdom, provides another way. God does not always remove the cause of our pain or sorrow or even death. But God promises to be with us no matter what comes our way and to guide us through all of life’s troubles to eternal life that waits for us in God’s future.

We Christians can experience much trouble and sorrow in our lives. God does not promise to make those things go away. But we can look on the Cross of Jesus and receive the promise of forgiveness and life forever in His name. God’s promise, given in baptism, is that we live forever in God’s presence and care. It is in the faithfulness of God that we are able to move into our future in confidence and faith.

We celebrate the faithfulness of God in worship this Sunday at 10:30 am. The service will include individual blessings for healing. Sunday School and Confirmation will meet at 9 am.

See you in church!
Pastor Kent


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