Moving to the Cross

We continue our journey in Lent — a journey that will take us with Jesus to the Cross.  That journey is for our Salvation, but it is not easy or comfortable. Jesus calls us to a very hard thing — to give up ourselves for the sake of others and the world. Jesus not only calls us, Jesus shows us what it means to join with him in God’s work to reconcile the world.

But while it is hard, it is the only Way. It leads to a Cross and a denial of ourselves. But beyond that Cross is Life Eternal and the Love of God forever.

We will celebrate Jesus’ invitation to come with him this Sunday at worship at 10:30 am.  Sunday School and Confirmation will meet at 9 am. This week I will be meeting with the Sunday School to talk about Holy Communion.

I also want to invite you to join us next Thursday for Soup and Prayers. My thanks to those who were there this week and especially for their participation in our discussion about what it means to be the Church. Next week we will focus on what it means to be Lutheran. Come and enjoy the wonderful soup and bread and add your voice to the conversation.

Lastly, we are looking for volunteers to be a part of the reading of the Gospel on Palm Sunday. This year we will have one Palm Sunday service at 10:30 am. Please let me know if you would like to be a part of the reading.

See you in church!
Pastor Kent


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