Is the Bible True?

This week’s Gospel is the account of the Transfiguration – when Jesus and his disciples go up on a mountaintop where they meet Moses and Elijah and hear the voice of God declare Jesus to be God’s Son. It is one of those stories in the Bible that is sometimes hard to believe – even Peter doubted what he was seeing!

We, too, sometimes doubt the truth of the message given to us in Scripture. Sometimes it just seems too amazing to be true. But God has shown us over and over the truth of God’s promise of mercy, forgiveness and life everlasting. The Truth of God has come to live with us in Jesus. The story of that Truth comes to us again in the season of Lent, which leads to the Cross and on to the witness of the empty tomb of Easter.

Join with us this week as we celebrate the Truth of God’s love in Jesus and begin our journey to the Cross and our salvation. We worship at 10:30am. Sunday School and Confirmation will meet at 9am.

Pastor Kent


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