The Story of Christmas

Advent is almost over and Christmas is coming fast. I hope you have completed most of your preparations — and especially that you do not have to go out shopping today to get your last minute gifts. Today is anticipated to be the busiest shopping day of the year.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if tomorrow and Wednesday evening were the busiest days of the year, with thousands of folks traveling to their congregations to celebrate the greatest gift of all — the gift of the Christ Child come to us.

This Sunday our Sunday School and Confirmation class will tell us the Christmas story with a twist — the message of an angel to a shepherd who had to remain with the flock while the others went to Bethlehem. That message comes to us as we have to stay with our responsibilities too and is a reminder that one miracle of Christmas is that it comes to us.

Celebration of the gift of Jesus is at 10:30 am this Sunday. The Sunday School and Confirmation class should be at church at 9 am to prepare for their part in the service.

Services on Christmas Eve are at 5pm and 10:30 pm. Candle lightning at the final hymn will be at 10:30 pm.

Merry Christmas!
Pastor Kent


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