John the Baptist

For the next two weeks, the Gospel message is about John the Baptist – or John the Baptizer as some refer to him. John is not a pleasant character. He is not supposed to be.  John is the one who tells us that Jesus is coming, but he also is the one who starts to fill us in on WHY Jesus is coming. John calls us to repent from the things that take us from God, but I suspect that even John knows we will keep on doing those things that separate us from God’s love. That is why Jesus comes to us – to bring us God’s love even when we keep turning away.

That does not mean we should not listen to John. Indeed, it is John’s voice that lifts us up so we can see the coming of our Lord and receive the love and forgiveness. John starts turning us back to God and away from our selfish selves. John is not fun, but John is necessary.

We celebrate John’s call to us and anticipate Jesus’ coming in worship is at 10:30 am. Sunday School and Confirmation meet at 9 am.

If you have not done so, please bring your Giving Tree gifts this week so we can pass them on to Paramus Human Services for distribution before Christmas.

Also, please bring your pledges so we can complete the budget process for 2015.

See you in Church!
Pastor Kent


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