Good News In Hard Texts

The readings for last Sunday and the one coming up are what are known to preachers as “hard texts.” We usually like to find the Good News in the text — the Gospel of Jesus Christ which brings comfort and peace to us and to you as we preach the sermon. We know you usually like to hear words of comfort rather than words of challenge. For last week and this we get challenge.

Someone told me this past week that Advent used to be 6 weeks long rather than 4, and these had texts were part of the preparation for Christmas, and I can see how that might be. We need to be confronted with the realities of our lives for the coming of Jesus to be Good News. Jesus comes into our lives in the midst of our challenge, our trials, our complacency with God, and begins the change we call the Kingdom of God. Jesus comes to make our lives new — to change our lives and to change us.

There is Good News in the readings for Sunday. There is Good News in the coming of Jesus into our world. There is Good News because God is with us.

On Sunday, we celebrate the Good News at 10:30 am. Sunday School and Confirmation is at 9am.

Please also consider your response to our appeal for pledges — and increases in pledges — of your giving for 2015. Please return your pledge card by November 30. Your giving supports the work of the church which some of our members have been witnessing to over the last few weeks. I hope you also have reasons why this congregation is important to you and your life and will grow in your giving. This too is Good News.

Pastor Kent


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