Working in the Vineyard

For the last 3 weeks, the Gospel reading for worship has been a parable set in a vineyard.  In the Bible, a vineyard is often used to represent God’s people and these parables from Jesus tell us something about God’s relationship with us. In all 3 stories, the vineyard or the people tending it do not come out looking so good. They are self-centered, jealous or act with disregard or even contempt toward the owner. But in each case, the owner — whom we know is God — is compassionate, generous and merciful.  Sometimes parables can be a subtle way of explaining our relationship with God. These — and especially the one from Sunday — are anything but subtle. They show us the mercy and love of God in light of our selfishness which both condemns us and gives us the assurance of God’s forgiveness.

Worship is at 10:30 am. Sunday School and Confirmation meet at 9 am (Confirmation will meet in the Family Room). Confirmands, please bring a notebook and something to write with.

Please remember the pet blessing will be at the church at 10am tomorrow, Saturday October 4 — rain or shine!

The Memorial service for Bill Tiedemann will be on Wednesday, October 8 at 1 pm.

Pastor Kent


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