Walking On Water

In our Gospel reading for this week, Peter tries to imitate his Lord by walking out to Him as Jesus walks toward their boat on the Sea of Galilee. He starts out OK, but then sinks beneath the waves as his focus moves away from Jesus and toward the raging sea around him. The sea of troubles of our world and our personal lives rage around us too. Jesus also calls to us to come to be with Him in the midst of the turmoil of our lives. But the key is putting our faith and focus on the one who comes to save us and not on the events and conditions that rage around us.

We celebrate Jesus with us in the midst of our raging sea this Sunday at 10:30 am.

On Monday Peg and I will be going to New York City in preparation for my surgery on Tuesday. I thank you all for your prayers and concern. We will keep you informed of my progress through email from the office. Please pass the information on to those who do not receive email.

We have lined up wonderful preachers to lead worship on Sundays and caring pastors to be available in case of pastoral emergencies. Please contact the office or call my voice mailbox at 201-262-0138 for contact information.

I am particularly sad that I will not be able to attend Vacation Bible School starting on August 18. This year’s program will be a celebration of the special times we gather as a family in God’s grace and joy. Many from the congregation have been working very hard and the results will be wonderful. Please join with your Church family for a time of fun and fellowship – and some great food!

My prayers are with you all. I expect to rejoin with you for worship in mid September. The best thing you could do for me is to pray for me and my family and the medical staff and also to continue to come together as the community of Christ in worship and fellowship to share in God’s love and Promise.

Pastor Kent


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