Parables are a special kind of story that Jesus tells. They are usually good stories in themselves, sometimes with a surprise ending. But one thing about parables is that they always have another point — something else that they are telling us. And what they are telling us about it is the Kingdom of God.

This week the Gospel reading is the parable of the sower. It should be familiar to us. We have heard it read several times and even saw it presented in a wonderful skit. A sower went out to sow and then we hear a story about farming and why some seeds produce crops in abundance and some die. That’s the story on one level. But being a parable, we know it is also telling us some things about the Kingdom of God — and that is where the surprises comes in as Jesus opens to us the mystery of God’s work in our world we call the Kingdom.

This Sunday, we celebrate the joy of the kingdom of the Sower at worship at 10:30am. Come and hear and see as the seed is sowed and the Kingdom is revealed!

See you in Church!
Pastor Kent


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