Last 9 am Worship Until Fall

This Sunday will be the last 9 am worship until the fall (though our annual student / teacher kickball game is June 1 at 9 am!). We will also worship at 10:30 as usual.

The Gospel for this week continues Jesus’ farewell discourse to his disciples, assuring them that even though he will be leaving them to return to the Father, they will not be left alone. God will send the Spirit to care for them. That same Spirit comes to us and leads us to the Father through the Son. We gather Sunday to rejoice in God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Looking ahead, we have a lot going on next week — June 1: The kickball game at 9 am, a baptism and recognition of our teachers at 10:30 am, followed by the assembly of snack packs for Corinne’s cupboard and the luncheon for June and John Schmidt.

See you in church!
Pastor Kent


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