Worship on Sunday

Pastor Carol Brighton will lead worship at 10:30 am this week. Charly and the Sunday School will again lead the 9 am gathering. I ask for your continued prayers and your continued faithfulness to support these leaders and one another as you gather in Christ’s name.

Come to worship and celebrate the Walk-in Dinner as Marilee reports on the service we provided to those in need. Gather around the font as our sins are confessed and forgiven. Gather around the table as the grace of God is shared. Hear the Good News of Jesus Christ proclaimed to you in sermon and song. Please pray for healing and peace. This is worship. This is what we do as those called to Christ. It is a privilege and a holy duty.

The church will also gather tomorrow, Saturday the 12th at 11 am for a memorial service for Gerhard Hahn. Please keep Dorothy and the family in your prayers.

Please also remember the church work day on Saturday, October 19. Our Boy Scout troop will be there to help clear around the parking lots and help maintain our buildings and grounds.

See you in church!
Pastor Kent


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