Justice and Judgement

In this Sunday’s Gospel reading we hear some disturbing words from Jesus. “I came to bring fire to the earth,” he says in Luke 12:49, and goes on to talk about division and conflict.

Jesus’ words can be read as being about judgement – that some will be rewarded and some punished. But his message is really about justice – that all will receive that to which they are entitled. For those who are lacking, they will receive what they need. For some – who have more, some of what they have will be taken away. But all will be made whole and well in God.

Justice is about restoring that which was lost, it is about healing that which was broken. Justice is about putting everything in it’s right place, and in right relationship with God and the world. Justice is about restoring righteousness, which can only be done with God.

We celebrate the righteousness of the God of justice Sunday at 10:30 am.

See you in Church!
Pastor Kent


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