Hymnals in the Pews

After church today, we took out the green and blue hymnals and replaced them with the new, cranberry colored hymnals called Evangelical Lutheran Worship. Because we Lutherans seem to love acronyms, we will often refer to them as the ELW.

The books have been replaced, but the old hymns we love are not going away. Most of our favorite hymns are in the ELW. The few that did not make it over are still available to us as we print our hymns in the bulletin. The old hymns will not go away, but we will now be able to more easily learn some wonderful new hymns that will help us sing praise to God.

We have not yet found a home for the old hymnals. Most Lutheran churches have already moved to the new books or will do so soon, Seminaries, schools and other Lutheran institutions have plenty of the older books. We will continue to search for a new home for them, but in any case will make sure that, if necessary, the books are recycled and do not add to the land fills.

One way to insure that is for you to take home a copy of the green or blue hymnals for your own use. They are stacked in the narthex coat room. Even better, bring some home for your friends!

We were able to purchase the new books through the use of Mae Van Sickel funds.  Mae’s legacy continues to support our worship as well as our ministry to youth. We give thanks for her gift and the opportunity we have to worship with a new voice and a new book.

Pastor Kent


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