The Parable of the Person on the Side of the Road

This week’s Gospel reading is the story from Jesus that has been named “The Good Samaritan.” It is a very familiar story for most of us. Unfortunately, it is not often easy to understand the meaning of familiar stories – they are just too familiar and we think we know what they mean. Also, sometimes the standard of the story can be too difficult for us – it is not easy acting as the Samaritan did, risking his own life to come to the aid of his enemy.

So I am going to suggest we rename the story the “Parable of the Person on the Side of the Road” and see if that changes the way we look at this old favorite. Just for this week, what if we look at the story from that  perspective and imagine what the story can tell us – if we are that person by the side of the road.

Worship is at 10:30 am on Sunday. See you in church!

Pastor Kent


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